To my GROOMSMAN wedding fridge magnet thank you gift

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To my GROOMSMAN fridge magnet keepsake gift!

* Printed in a gorgeous Tiffany blue colour

 These wedding magnets are a beautiful thank you keepsake for any member of the wedding party.  

Written & produced by author of The Wedding Checklist,
Tenille Gregory!

Perfect for placing inside a thank you card or including with a gift. A thoughtful and touching keepsake that can be given the night before or on the wedding morning.

Made from high quality tinplate wrapped around a thick 3mm magnet. They are designed not to flex or bend. The full magnetic backing will stick to any magnetic surface such as a refrigerator, filing cabinet, dishwasher, locker etc.


Thanks for being a top groomsman! For attending fittings, posing for photos and helping us celebrate. You are truly a great mate. Most of all, thank you for being a part of our happily ever after. 

Size: 70mm x 103mm


Your purchase includes:

1 x ‘To my Groomsman’ magnet

Protected inside a plastic sleeve

Packed inside a secure tough bag

** Postage is just $1.00 for as many magnets as you like – even if they are different types. They must be combined onto the one invoice to receive the $1.00 postage offer. Please conitinue shopping after each purchase and pay only once at the very end.

 ** Express Post is just $8.95 for as many items as you like.

 Beautifully designed so that the cherry tree branch floats seamlessly throughout the 13 different designs.