About the Author

Tenille Gregory has been working in the wedding industry for the past five years. After selling thousands of products for weddings and hens parties she realised that brides were overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of planning a wedding and what they really needed was something to help them reduce the stress and anxiety. So she decided to develop something to put their minds at ease. That’s when the idea for The Wedding Checklist was born.

A quick check revealed that there were already wedding checklists available online but nothing comprehensive enough to cover from the engagement, through to the wedding, honeymoon and into the marriage. Further research revealed that the checklists available just weren’t enough. Brides were left asking more questions than when they began. With her behind-the-scenes knowledge Tenille set off to rewrite, add to, expand and provide options and ideas for each checkpoint to provide the ultimate to do list for today’s bride.

Prototypes were produced, tested and refined to provide the wonderful book that is The Wedding Checklist.

Tenille continually has requests for the book even from brides in the later stages of wedding planning. They can easily sail through the book selecting everything that they have already completed and easily see anything that they have missed. This reassurance is a fantastic way to put their minds at ease in the weeks before their big day. It’s as easy as that!