Reviews and Testimonials

A lovely review from Queensland Brides Magazine:

The ability to plan a wedding in less than a week? We weren’t too sure when we first heard Tenille Gregory’s claim
that her new book The Wedding Checklist could accomplish such a feat. But after reading over the numerous lists,
tips and handy explanations, we can confirm this one’s an absolute gem.

The Wedding Checklist is packed with all the guidance you could ever want or need concerning your wedding;
from selecting your bridal party through to choosing your menu, this book has even the most minute details covered.

This is what our happy eBay customers are saying:

Everything you need for a bride to be. -tegangardener

Great Product - I am a repeat buyer, very happy with this book. -pawssup

A very detailed guide. Thank you so much. -pscm92

Very informative, will make my wedding day even more special. -74mel6

Just what I was looking for & needed! -blacka_4

So happy that things will be perfect for my big day with this planner! Thank you! -rachel349

What a great idea!! Thank you :) A+ -dane1919*

Good tick and flick guide -1983shelby

This will definitely come in handy, thank you! -sharkygirl101

Such a comprehensive list of things to plan for a wedding! So much help, thanks! -horse_rider3107

Wonderful little helper for wedding planning. Thank you. -angelsluv12

Good idea! So much involved in weddings, all covered in this book! -vzrox1